Finance for the UK Home Improvement Market

The home improvements market is fast-paced, with new innovations providing exciting opportunities for growth, but also strong competition. If your business is not dynamic, it will lose ground to competitors, and stop being relevant. At CHI, we help home improvement businesses thrive in this competitive market. We can provide assistance to ensure you have the correct licencing in place, and once set-up, you can provide funding options that let customers defer
payment, or pay in manageable instalments, which
helps your company grow. 

We’re securely registered with the FCA and the ICO

Ikano Bank are owned by the family that founded IKEA and they undoubtably share the same values. In 1988 Ikano became a separate group of companies to Ikea and they’ve been providing finance products in the UK for the last 20 years and work with some of the biggest names on the high street. Their financial products are simple, easy to understand and can help create new possibilities for everyone.